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We've spent years designing some of the most magical destinations on earth.

Now we're bringing that magic to the most important destination of all: home.

Who we are

We're Laura Youngkin Olson and Dylan Olson, a married design team who met while building theme parks at Walt Disney Imagineering. We've had the pleasure of working on commercial entertainment and hospitality projects around the world with Disney Parks & Resorts, Universal Studios Destinations + Experiences, Sea World Parks + Entertainment, and the Museum of Ice Cream. We are passionate about telling stories through immersive design and place-making.

In 2020 Laura pivoted into residential interior design and our dream of starting a family business became reality. We have helped a dozen clients and families reimagine their homes through our unique approach that's rooted in story. Your story.

We'd be honored to help you make your home the happiest place on earth.

What we do

Whether you're looking to update a kitchen, remodel a bathroom, or redecorate your home or office, we're here to customize your project based on your needs and goals. Not every project starts with a blank slate and we love integrating your heirloom pieces into a new design. Our process always begins with understanding your story and the story you want your home to tell.

We are currently capable of working onsite in the Portland, Oregon and Los Angeles, CA metro areas, but provide virtual design consultations for clients from coast to coast.

Laura and Dylan don’t just design a space. They produce a feeling, an emotion, and a vibe. They flawlessly executed an impossible task, which is nailing an aesthetic that represented the aspirational taste of both me and my husband. Through their thoughtful production plan which included interviews, presentations, and meetings, they made my home look and feel more like my family than I ever could have done myself. Every person that walks into my home is in awe of the serenity, which Laura curated. The gorgeous built-in shelves that Laura and Dylan designed to the exact measurement and time period of my home definitely help that feeling, too. They truly thought of everything and somehow managed to make it look effortless in here. I will never trust anyone else with my home!


What Our Clients Say

What began as a kitchen, master bath and bedroom remodel, morphed into redesigning and redecortating my entire home. Laura's impeccable aesthetic design and vision created every room that expresses my personality. She and Dylan, with their backgrounds in immersive design experiences, have made my home a personal sanctuary of peace, comfort, and a welcoming place for family and friends.


My family and I had the pleasure of working with Banks + Olson as we completed our international move from a condo to a house. Laura guided us with selecting and purchasing furniture for our main living space and home office, and it turned out lovely. B + O were always available for questions and they took care of expediting delivery and logistics - even in the midsts of post-pandemic inventory delays. Banks + Olson is our preferred way to design and decorate our home.







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